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Narrative Department

Who We Are

Harrison Baillie

Lead Creator


Founder and producer, Harrison manages and oversees most of Base Sixteen's productions and workflows.

Tommy Black



Tommy is an aspiring narrative director from Brighton with a background in client-focused work. His skills are a major asset, But Tommy is also the light-hearted side of the team that we can't do without.

Mike McCall



The hidden back-end of our team, Mike manages our core systems, social media and virtually everything behind the scenes. 

Jess Addenbrooke



Controlling our client to crew relationships, Jess is the fundamental face of organising your productions.

Daniel Goode


With a wide array of musical talents, Dan, orignally from Stratford-upon-Avon, Always plays a key role with our music focused clients. Taking the forefront on music videos, artist promos and just about anything with a rythm.

Izzy Greenslade


Our resident globetrotter, hailing from Essex, Izzy has regularly toured the UK, Europe and Asia. Bringing with her an impressive videography skillset, that leaves no client out of reach.

Hayden Brown


Bristol educated videographer from Hertfordshire, Hayden has a wide skillset and a keen eye for the perfect shot. Making him the perfect lead for on location shoots without a full crew.

Adam Chappell

Sound Engineer


Our go-to for post production sound, training in Huddersfield, Adam is our best and brightest for perfecting our audio.

Sam Tucker



The head of our narrative operation 'First Floor', Sam is a key creator of our original content.

Jack Eastman

Sound Recordist


From Hastings with a speciallity in sound, Jack is an essential component to our team. With an appearance at almost every shoot, It'd be silent without him. 

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